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The world’s fastest Indian, the Indian Scout Streamliner, reached a top speed of 183.586 miles per hour (295.282 kilometers per hour) in 1967.

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The world’s fastest Indian refers to the legendary Indian Scout Streamliner, which achieved incredible speeds in 1967. Due to my practical knowledge and expertise, let me elaborate on this remarkable achievement.

The Indian Scout Streamliner, piloted by the fearless New Zealander Burt Munro, reached an astounding top speed of 183.586 miles per hour (295.282 kilometers per hour). This speed record was set on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA during the historic Speed Week event. Munro’s accomplishment was not only a testament to his determination and skill but also an impressive feat for the Indian Motorcycle brand.

To make this text more engaging, let’s include a quote from the iconic Burt Munro himself: “You live more in five minutes on a bike like this going flat out than some people live in a lifetime.”

Now, let’s delve into some interesting facts about the world’s fastest Indian:

  1. The Indian Scout Streamliner was specially modified by Burt Munro to maximize its speed potential. It featured extensive aerodynamic enhancements, including a custom streamlined body with a bullet-shaped nose.

  2. Burt Munro spent years refining and tinkering with his beloved Indian Scout motorcycle, which he affectionately named “the Munro Special.” Through his dedication and perseverance, he transformed the bike into a formidable racing machine.

  3. Munro’s pursuit of speed records with his Indian Scout Streamliner was immortalized in the 2005 movie “The World’s Fastest Indian,” starring Sir Anthony Hopkins. The film beautifully captures Munro’s determination and his inspirational journey to Bonneville.

  4. The 1967 speed record set by Munro on the Indian Scout Streamliner still stands in the record books. It remains a testament to the ingenuity and passion of those who push the boundaries of motorcycle engineering and performance.

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To provide a more organized presentation of information, here is a table highlighting key details:

Motorcycle Model Indian Scout Streamliner
Year of Record 1967
Top Speed 183.586 mph
Speed Conversion 295.282 km/h
Location Bonneville Salt Flats
Rider Burt Munro
Famous Movie Adaptation “The World’s Fastest Indian” (2005)

In conclusion, the world’s fastest Indian, the Indian Scout Streamliner, achieved an impressive top speed of 183.586 miles per hour in 1967. This remarkable record remains an inspiring testament to the passion, dedication, and engineering excellence in the world of motorcycles. As Burt Munro aptly stated, the experience of riding at such blistering speeds is truly life-altering.

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This video showcases Burt Munro’s famous 1967 land speed record-breaking bike, the World’s Fastest Indian. The bike, which had been sitting in Southern California for 35 years, was discovered and restored. Originally from the 1920s, the bike had a top speed of 51 miles per hour, but Munro had extensively modified it, increasing its power fourfold and achieving a record speed of 186 miles per hour. The video highlights some of the bike’s unique features, including modifications to manage airflow and a highly modified leaf-spring front fork. The bike’s distinct Indian feel, combined with Munro’s own designs and fabrication, made it a testament to his perseverance and engineering skills. The video also includes a glimpse of the bike being started up, running on methanol and emitting smoke.

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205 mphThe 1920 Indian Scout ‘Burt Munro Special’ — the 1920 Indian Scout portrayed in the film — started life as a 600 cc motorcycle with a designed top speed of 55 mph. Munro’s streamlined record-setter was substantially modified with capacity being increased to 950 cc, and a recorded speed of 205 mph.

He set a land speed record of 184.087mph on his Indian motorcycle, which still stands to this day in the 1000cc class. This achievement was immortalized in the 2005 film “The World’s Fastest Indian”, starring Anthony Hopkins as Burt Munro. So, the fastest Indian raced on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA, on his customized Indian motorcycle.

Munro ratcheted the SA 1000 class record up to 184.087 mph in 1967—a record that has stood the test of time and still stands in what is now the S-AF 1000cc class.

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Theme Fact: Burt Munro’s record was immortalised in the movie "The World’s Fastest Indian", and his character was played by Sir Anthony Hopkins. The bike used in the speed run however, has got nothing in common with the production model Indian Scout, which carries forward the original Scout name.
Wondering what, Munro set numerous land speed records for motorcycles with engines less than 1,000 cc at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah in the late 1950s and into the 1960s. The film stars Anthony Hopkins, and was produced, written, and directed by Roger Donaldson .

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Does the world's fastest Indian record still stand?
The answer is: The record set by Burt Munro still stands
More than 50 years after it was set, Burt’s land speed record, set with his modified 1920 Indian Scout Streamliner, remains unbroken.
How fast did Burt Munro's Indian go?
205.67 mph
In 1967, 68-year-old New Zealand native Burt Munro made motorcycle history by setting a new official land speed record – 184.087 mph with unofficial top speed of 205.67 mph—when he raced his heavily modified 1920 Indian Scout Streamliner across the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, U.S.A. Now, to celebrate the 50th
What is the Indian top speed record?
358.03kph: Autocar India sets new Indian top speed record with Pininfarina Battista

  • Total of five new speed, acceleration records were set.
  • All records were validated by the FMSCI.
  • Comfortably beats previous top speed record of 332.2kph.
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How accurate is world's fastest Indian?
The answer is: It’s a pretty accurate recreation of his life. Munro spent every dime he ever made on his motorcycle. His goal from the very beginning was to become the worlds fastest Indian. He made it, and even though he died in 1978, his legacy will live on forever.
Who was the fastest Indian motorcycle?
Response will be: His top speed of 191 MPH and his average speed of 183.586 MPH at that year’s Bonneville Speed Week not only set the class record, but also established Munro’s then-47-year-old bike as the fastest Indian motorcycle.
What is the World's Fastest Indian about?
As a response to this: The World’s Fastest Indian was a hit on the world stage and tells the very inspiring story of a New Zealander who dared to dream big. The World’s Fastest Indian was Roger Donaldson’s first New Zealand-made film, since embarking on a successful Hollywood career 20 years earlier.
Why did Burt Munro become the World's Fastest Indian?
Response will be: Partly the result of rulebook changes, partly the result of Burt Munro’s sheer determination and resourcesfulness, and maybe partly the result of the respect he commanded, Munro’s much-heralded land-speed record establishing his motorcycle as the world’s fastest Indian remains unbroken nearly 50 years after Munro set it.
What was Burt Munro's first speed record?
The answer is: Burt Munro set his first speed record in New Zealand in 1938. He was riding an eighteen-year-old motorcycle that was factory built to top out at 55 MPH. Speed takes time. The Bonneville Salt Flats, dubbed the fastest track in the world, is an extremely tricky race surface to figure out.

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