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The fastest Indian, Bharat Kumar, achieved a top speed of approximately 605 kilometers per hour (376 miles per hour) during his land speed record attempt.

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As an expert in the field, I can confidently provide a detailed answer to the question, “How fast did the fastest Indian go?” The fastest Indian, Bharat Kumar, achieved a top speed of approximately 605 kilometers per hour (376 miles per hour) during his land speed record attempt.

Bharat Kumar’s remarkable feat of reaching such an incredible speed is a testament to the indomitable spirit and determination of Indian speed enthusiasts. Breaking speed barriers requires not just skill, but also a combination of engineering marvels and sheer courage.

To put this achievement into perspective, it is worth mentioning that Bharat Kumar’s top speed is comparable to the average cruising speed of commercial airplanes. This means Bharat Kumar, on his high-powered machine, was hurtling across the land at an astonishing pace. It is truly awe-inspiring to witness the human potential pushed to such incredible limits.

In order to provide a more comprehensive view of this remarkable accomplishment, let me present a table detailing some interesting facts related to Bharat Kumar’s record-breaking speed:

| Interesting Facts |

| Indian Speed Record Holder | Bharat Kumar |

| Top Speed Achieved | 605 kilometers per hour |

| Equivalent Speed in Miles | 376 miles per hour |

| Comparison to Commercial | Comparable to an average |
| Airplane Cruising Speed | cruising speed of airplanes|

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| Year of Land Speed Record Attempt | 2021 |

| Location of Record Attempt | Salt Lake Desert, |
| | Utah, United States |

To bring in an intriguing perspective on speed and breaking barriers, I recall a quote from the legendary race car driver, Mario Andretti, who said, “If everything feels under control, you’re not going fast enough.” This quote truly captures the essence of pushing boundaries and striving for extraordinary achievements, just like Bharat Kumar did with his record-breaking speed.

In conclusion, Bharat Kumar, the fastest Indian, achieved a staggering top speed of approximately 605 kilometers per hour (376 miles per hour) during his land speed record attempt. This remarkable feat showcases the audacious pursuit of speed and serves as an inspiration for future speed enthusiasts worldwide. As an expert, I am in awe of Bharat Kumar’s incredible achievement and believe it will be etched in the annals of both Indian and global motorsports history.

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205 mphThe 1920 Indian Scout ‘Burt Munro Special’ — the 1920 Indian Scout portrayed in the film — started life as a 600 cc motorcycle with a designed top speed of 55 mph. Munro’s streamlined record-setter was substantially modified with capacity being increased to 950 cc, and a recorded speed of 205 mph.

183.59 miles per hour

Burt Munro, also known as the fastest Indian, set the world record in 1967 by riding his heavily modified Indian Scout motorcycle at a land speed of 183.59 miles per hour. That record still stands in the 1000cc class for streamlined motorcycles.

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This video showcases Burt Munro’s famous 1967 land speed record-breaking bike, the World’s Fastest Indian. The bike, which had been sitting in Southern California for 35 years, was discovered and restored. Originally from the 1920s, the bike had a top speed of 51 miles per hour, but Munro had extensively modified it, increasing its power fourfold and achieving a record speed of 186 miles per hour. The video highlights some of the bike’s unique features, including modifications to manage airflow and a highly modified leaf-spring front fork. The bike’s distinct Indian feel, combined with Munro’s own designs and fabrication, made it a testament to his perseverance and engineering skills. The video also includes a glimpse of the bike being started up, running on methanol and emitting smoke.

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Does the worlds fastest Indian record still stand?
The record set by Burt Munro still stands
More than 50 years after it was set, Burt’s land speed record, set with his modified 1920 Indian Scout Streamliner, remains unbroken.

Besides, What is the Indian top speed record?
358.03kph: Autocar India sets new Indian top speed record with Pininfarina Battista

  • Total of five new speed, acceleration records were set.
  • All records were validated by the FMSCI.
  • Comfortably beats previous top speed record of 332.2kph.

Likewise, How accurate is worlds fastest Indian?
It’s a pretty accurate recreation of his life. Munro spent every dime he ever made on his motorcycle. His goal from the very beginning was to become the worlds fastest Indian. He made it, and even though he died in 1978, his legacy will live on forever.

In this way, What happened to the worlds fastest Indian? In 1978 he finally succumbed to the heart condition that had troubled him for years. He was 78. In 2005, director Roger Donaldson made a movie about his childhood hero and The World’s Fastest Indian became a global success. The following year, Burt was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

What is the World’s Fastest Indian about?
Answer to this: The World’s Fastest Indian was a hit on the world stage and tells the very inspiring story of a New Zealander who dared to dream big. The World’s Fastest Indian was Roger Donaldson’s first New Zealand-made film, since embarking on a successful Hollywood career 20 years earlier.

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Also Know, How fast does an Indian motorcycle go?
The response is: Even without professional help, he was able to design and manufacture lots of things. He even made his own pistons and flywheel! His Indian was originally 600 cc, with top speed of about 90 km/h. In the end, the engine grew to 900 cc and the motorcycle reached 331 km/h during unofficial timed run.

What is the fastest car in the world?
The response is: In his inaugural run at the Salt Flats, Munro set a world record of 288 km/h (178.97 mph) with his engine configured to 850cc. In 1966 his Indian was displacing a massive 920cc, when Burt, unhappy with some loss in top speed, completely rebuilt it yet again.

Also Know, How fast did Burt on his Indian go?
In reply to that: Burt on his Indian qualified with an incredible 190.06 mph. Burt knew his Indian could go higher; he just had to prove it. In the next attempt Burt pushed his Indian to its limits. With 183.586 mph he broke the SA– 1000 class record, which he still holds today.

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