Swift answer to — can Dubai residents travel to Dubai from India?

Yes, Dubai residents can travel to Dubai from India.

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As an expert in travel and international guidelines, I can confidently say that Dubai residents are currently permitted to travel to Dubai from India. This decision was made following the relaxation of travel restrictions due to the improving COVID-19 situation.

Dubai, being a popular destination for Indian tourists and residents, has eased the entry requirements for travelers coming from India. However, it is important to note that certain conditions and guidelines must be followed for a smooth travel experience.

Before planning your trip, it is crucial to be aware of the current guidelines and requirements. Travelers should closely monitor the updates provided by relevant authorities, including the airline they plan to travel with and the Dubai government’s official websites.

To give you a better understanding, let me provide some key details regarding travel from India to Dubai:

  1. Pre-Travel Requirements: It is mandatory for all travelers to complete the UAE Health Declaration Form and the Quarantine Form before departing from India. Evidence of a negative RT-PCR test taken within 48 hours prior to departure is also required.

  2. Vaccination Status: Dubai residents who have received the complete dose of a UAE-approved COVID-19 vaccine are exempted from the pre-travel PCR test and quarantine requirements. However, it is important to double-check the specific vaccines approved by the UAE government.

  3. Flight Restrictions: There are several airlines operating flights from India to Dubai, including Emirates, Flydubai, and Air India Express. Each airline may have different protocols and guidelines, so it is essential to thoroughly review the specific requirements and safety measures provided by the airline you choose.

  4. Quarantine and Testing upon Arrival: Upon arrival in Dubai, fully vaccinated individuals may not be required to undergo quarantine. However, unvaccinated or partially vaccinated travelers may need to quarantine for a specific period and undergo PCR testing.

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To summarize, Dubai residents can travel to Dubai from India, provided they meet the necessary travel requirements, including completing mandatory forms, obtaining a negative PCR test, and following any additional guidelines imposed by the airline or government authorities.

In the words of famous traveler and writer Ibn Battuta, “Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” This quote highlights the transformative power and joy of travel, and the opportunity it brings to create unforgettable experiences.


Aspect Details
Pre-Travel Requirements – Complete UAE Health Declaration and Quarantine Forms
– Negative RT-PCR test within 48 hours prior to departure
Vaccination Status – Fully vaccinated individuals may be exempt from PCR test and quarantine
Flight Restrictions – Emirates, Flydubai, and Air India Express are among the airlines operating
Quarantine and Testing – Fully vaccinated travelers may have relaxed quarantine and testing requirements

In conclusion, based on my practical knowledge and expertise in the field, Dubai residents are currently allowed to travel to Dubai from India, with the necessary precautions and adherence to travel guidelines. Safe travels!

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What are new rules for travel to Dubai from India? Effective from 08 November 2022 all entry requirements and precautionary measures related to COVID-19 for passengers travelling to, from or through Dubai have been lifted. All the passengers travelling to Dubai are no longer required to present COVID-19 vaccination certificates or negative PCR test results.

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In respect to this, Who can go to Dubai from India? The response is: As an Indian, you require a visa to travel to Dubai, and you can apply for your Dubai e-visa right here on Atlys. There are no major travel restrictions for Indians to Dubai. You only need to comply with the transit and travel requirements of your final destination.

Also question is, Do US green card holders need visa to Dubai?
Do US Citizens Need A Visa On Arrival To Enter Dubai? Yes. US Citizens need a visa to enter Dubai and can apply for a UAE visa on arrival. US green card holders, like Indian passport holders with green cards, can also apply for a UAE visa on arrival.

What are the travel requirements for UAE residents? Response to this: Travel requirements for UAE citizens
present a valid negative result of an RT-PCR test for COVID-19 if not vaccinated. The test result must have been issued within 48 hours from the time of sample collection and the time of boarding the aircraft.

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