Asked by you: why do Indians not make AAA games?

The Indian game development industry is still relatively young and evolving, with a major focus on mobile and casual games due to the highly prevalent smartphone usage and demographic preferences. However, the country is gradually seeing growth in the console and PC gaming market, and it may take time for Indian studios to establish themselves in the AAA game development sector.

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As an expert in the gaming industry, I can provide an in-depth analysis of why Indians have not yet made AAA games to the extent of some other countries. While it is true that the Indian game development industry is still relatively young and evolving, there are several factors contributing to this scenario.

  1. Focus on Mobile and Casual Games: Due to the high prevalence of smartphone usage and the preferences of the Indian demographic, there has been a major focus on developing mobile and casual games. With a vast population using affordable smartphones, game developers have recognized the potential of this market. This has led to the majority of Indian game developers concentrating their efforts on creating games for mobile platforms rather than AAA titles.

  2. Limited Resources and Infrastructure: Developing AAA games requires significant resources, both financial and technological. While the Indian game development industry has been growing, it still faces challenges in terms of accessing the necessary resources and infrastructure. Funding for game development projects, especially at the scale required for AAA titles, can be limited. Additionally, the availability of state-of-the-art technology, game engines, and expertise in game development is still developing in India.

  3. Growing Console and PC Gaming Market: Despite the focus on mobile games, India is gradually witnessing growth in the console and PC gaming market. With the rise of esports and the increasing popularity of gaming channels on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, the demand for console and PC games is increasing. This shift in consumer preferences may lead to Indian studios exploring opportunities to create AAA games in the future.

  4. Talent and Skill Development: To create AAA games, a highly skilled workforce is required. While India has a significant talent pool in the field of information technology, specific skill sets required for developing AAA games, such as advanced game design, art, and programming, might still be evolving. However, Indian universities and institutions are now offering specialized courses and programs focused on game design and development, which will help in nurturing the required talent pool.

  5. Establishing in the AAA Game Development Sector: Building a studio and establishing a reputation in the AAA game development sector is a gradual process. It requires not only skilled individuals but also experience, track record, and connections in the gaming industry. Indian studios are still in the process of establishing themselves in this highly competitive sector, but with time and successful projects, they can overcome these challenges and make their mark on the global AAA game development stage.

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In conclusion, while Indian game developers have primarily focused on mobile and casual games due to prevailing preferences and smartphone usage, the industry is gradually shifting towards console and PC gaming. Developing AAA games requires time, resources, infrastructure, talent, and experience, which are all progressing in India. With the growing interest in gaming and the emergence of specialized game development programs, Indian studios have the potential to venture into AAA game development and establish themselves in the global gaming industry.

Quote: “The challenge is to create a compelling set of circumstances that builds in serious gaming from the outset.” – Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra Group.


Factors Influencing AAA Game Development in India

Factors Explanation
Focus on Mobile Games High smartphone usage and demographic preferences have led to a major focus on mobile and casual games.
Limited Resources Limited access to resources and infrastructure, including funding and advanced technology.
Growing Console Market The rise of esports and popularity of gaming channels is driving the growth of console and PC gaming.
Talent and Skill The evolution of specialized courses and programs to develop the necessary talent pool.
Establishing Reputation Building a reputation and connections in the highly competitive AAA game development sector.

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The video discusses how the rise of indie games has killed the AAA video game industry. The main reasons for this shift are the indie game developers’ focus on creating fun games and their culture of following the fun.

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Primary reason — Funding. First of all, India does have video game studios which make games for Android and iOS. However, making a game for mobile requires less investment and resources as compared to making a full fledged AAA title.

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Indian origin games like Raji: Ancient Epic (Nodding Head Games) (released). Yodha (Ogre Head Studio) Mumbai Gullies (GameEon Studios) – still in progress are some of the games exploring the mythology, culture and lifestyle from an Indian perspective.

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