How can i check apostille documents in india?

To check apostille documents in India, you need to verify them through the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). An apostille stamp is affixed to the document by the MEA, and you can authenticate it by contacting the MEA’s Authentication Division or visiting their website for further instructions.

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As an expert in document verification and authentication, I have extensive knowledge and experience in checking apostille documents in India. In this comprehensive guide, I will provide you with detailed steps to verify apostille documents and share some interesting facts on the topic.

To check apostille documents in India, the first step is to verify them through the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). The MEA is responsible for affixing the apostille stamp to the documents, confirming their authenticity for international use. Here is a step-by-step process to effectively check apostille documents:

  1. Identify the apostille stamp: Look for a square-shaped sticker or stamp on the document, typically placed on the backside or last page. The apostille stamp consists of a unique identification number and specific information related to the document’s origin.

  2. Contact the MEA Authentication Division: Reach out to the MEA Authentication Division to authenticate the apostille document. You can contact them by phone or email to gather the necessary information and instructions for the verification process.

  3. Submit the required details: Provide the MEA with the apostille document’s unique identification number, such as the apostille certificate number or the MEA registration number. These details will help the MEA trace the specifics of the document and authenticate it.

  4. Wait for verification: Once you have submitted the required details, the MEA will verify the document’s authenticity. This process may take some time, so it is important to be patient during the verification period.

  5. Obtain the verification result: After the verification process, you will receive the result of the document’s authentication. The MEA will notify you whether the document is genuine and valid for international use or if any discrepancies are found.

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It is essential to follow the steps mentioned above to ensure the apostille document’s authenticity. However, it is worth noting that the process may vary slightly depending on the specific requirements and guidelines set by the MEA.

Interesting Facts:

  1. The Hague Convention introduced the apostille system in 1961 to simplify the authentication of documents for international use, eliminating the need for complex legalization procedures.

  2. The apostille stamp is recognized by over 120 countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention, ensuring the acceptance of apostille documents for various purposes, including educational qualifications, business transactions, and legal proceedings.

  3. The apostille stamp does not validate the content or accuracy of the document; it only confirms the document’s origin and the authority of the signatory.


“Authentication (apostille) is not about the content of the document but rather the identity of the signature and the capacity in which the person signing the document has acted.” – The Hague Conference on Private International Law


Step Actions
1 Identify the apostille stamp on the document
2 Contact the MEA Authentication Division
3 Submit the required details
4 Wait for verification
5 Obtain the verification result

Based on my practical knowledge, following these steps and adhering to the guidelines provided by the MEA will ensure a successful check of apostille documents in India.

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In order to verify a particular Apostille, recipients may access the online electronic Register (e-Register). The e-Registers allow for easy online queries to verify the origin of an Apostille without Competent Authorities having to answer these queries individually by phone, e-mail or otherwise.

"Ministry of External Affairs provides eSanad, an online document verification/attestation/apostille service for verification of documents & certificates in a contactless, faceless, cashless and paperless way for Indian citizens, foreigners who have obtained documents from document issuing authorities (DIAs) in India"

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Subsequently, How do I know if my document is apostilled? It will also have an embossing of the apostille seal, which is applied to the certificate and goes through to the document itself. If a document is double-sided, the certificate will be placed in the most appropriate space on the document. The certificate is typically glued to the document across only one edge.

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Also asked, How can I authenticate an Indian document for use in USA? Response to this: must be notarized and apostilled. Indian documents such as Passport, Driving License, Pan Card, Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Educational documents etc., documents must be apostilled from India. Documents which are not apostilled from India will not be authenticated by Embassy.

How do I verify an apostille in USA? In reply to that: In the United States, the Apostille certification process is verified by the Secretary of State for Non Federal Government issued documents and/or the US Department of State for documents issued by US Federal Government agencies.

Similarly, How much time does it take for apostille in India? Apostille process generally takes 2-3 working days on Indian documents and its valid life for same country.

In this regard, What is an apostille & how does it work in India?
Answer will be: The Hague Convention established a simplified method for certifying documents for international use, and the apostille is the certificate used to verify the authenticity of the document. In India, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is the designated authority responsible for issuing apostilles for Indian documents.

Beside this, How to get MEA apostille?
Get a seal from them, take this sealed original documents to Secretariat again get the state attestation seal from them. To get MEA apostille you cannot directly go to mea just like you went to state authority. You must go to any certified agent and get your documents apostille.

In this way, Is a apostille certificate a public document?
The apostille certificate or stamp is applicable to public documents only. The law of the country in which the document was issued is the sole authority that can decide whether a particular document can be called a “public document” or not.

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In this regard, How to get apostille in India?
As an answer to this: The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is the final authority that verifies the document and does Apostille in India. There are various stages to getting the Apostille document. The Apostille India application requires that the set of documents to be certified are first attested by the issuing authority.

In this manner, What is an apostille certificate?
The reply will be: The apostille certificate confirms the origin and authenticity of the document and ensures that it is recognized as a legal document in the country where it is being used. MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) Apostille services include attestation of public documents for use abroad that are parties to the Apostille Convention.

In this regard, What documents need to be apostilled? As an answer to this: Identify the document: The first step is to identify the document that needs to be apostilled. Typically, documents that are required to be apostilled include birth certificates, marriage certificates, educational certificates, affidavits, and other legal documents.

Correspondingly, What is E-Sanad apostille? The reply will be: e-Sanad Apostille is an online service provided by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in India for the authentication of educational documents. The Apostille process is a way to verify the authenticity of educational documents issued in one country so that they can be accepted in another country that is a member of the Hague Convention.

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