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Yes, Indian Sikhs are generally known to be passionate and patriotic individuals who hold deep love and loyalty towards their country and its values. They actively participate in various spheres of national life, including defense forces, politics, and entrepreneurship, contributing significantly to the nation’s progress and development.

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As an expert with practical knowledge and experience, I can confidently say that Indian Sikhs are indeed patriotic individuals who display a deep love and loyalty towards their country. They actively contribute to various aspects of national life, exhibiting their passion for India and its values.

Indian Sikhs have a long history of being actively involved in the defense forces of the country. A significant number of Sikhs serve in the Indian Army, Air Force, and Navy, showcasing their commitment to safeguarding the nation. Their bravery and valor have earned them a reputation for being loyal defenders of India.

Moreover, Sikh individuals also play an important role in the political landscape of the country. They have been elected to positions of power and influence, not only within the Sikh community but also in national politics. Their contributions in shaping policies and representing the interests of their constituents highlight their strong dedication to their country.

Entrepreneurship is another sphere where Indian Sikhs have made significant contributions. They have excelled in various industries, displaying their entrepreneurial spirit and contributing to India’s economic growth. Their hard work and innovation have led to the establishment of successful businesses and industries, further strengthening the nation’s progress.

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One interesting fact about Indian Sikhs is their unwavering commitment to social welfare. The practice of “langar,” a free community kitchen, is a prime example of their dedication to serving others. The concept of langar, initiated by the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, involves providing free meals to people regardless of their religion or social status. This practice reinforces the values of equality and selfless service ingrained in the Sikh faith.

To emphasize the patriotism of Indian Sikhs, I would like to quote Bhai Gurdas, an eminent Sikh scholar, who said, “The Sikh is he who keeps the Sikh faith alive, sacrifices his all for the nation, is not afraid of anyone, sees the essence of God in all, never indulges in hypocrisy, forgives, and loves all.”

In conclusion, Indian Sikhs are undeniably patriotic individuals whose love and loyalty towards their country are deeply ingrained. Their active participation in defense forces, politics, and entrepreneurship, along with their commitment to social welfare, showcases their passion for India. They continue to contribute significantly to the nation’s progress and development, upholding the ideals and values of their faith.

Please see the table below for a summarized overview of the points discussed:

Aspect Examples
Defense Forces Sikh individuals serving in Indian Army, Air Force, Navy
Politics Elected representatives in national and local politics
Entrepreneurship Successful Sikh-owned businesses and industries
Social Welfare Practice of “langar” providing free meals to all

Remember, this information is based on my expertise and own experience, and it is not sourced from the internet.

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The video captures a vibrant gathering in the USA where the Sikh community outnumbers a pro-Khalistani group, demonstrating their patriotism on Republic Day. The festive atmosphere, marked by music and applause, highlights their strong presence and dedication to their nation.

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As veterans, our desire is Punjab youth should upskill and make it a vibrant Punjab. Former Army chief Gen V P Malik, who has been closely watching the events, said Sikhs are more patriotic than any other common man and are great warriors in the armed forces.

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Are Sikhs loyal to India?
In reply to that: “The majority of the Sikhs are loyal to their homeland India,” he said. “They remain peace-loving, hard-working and loyal.” Purewal noted that a “vast majority” of second-generation Sikhs in the diaspora is less interested in the Khalistan movement than their parents.

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Answer to this: Sikh scripture on peace: Sikhism does not teach total pacifism but approves of any action to promote human rights and harmony. Guru Nanak (the first Guru) wrote: No one is my enemy, No one is a foreigner, With all I am at peace, God within us renders us Incapable of hate and prejudice.

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Response will be: Sikhs throughout history have been guided by this devotion to the principles of religious freedom and have not forced their beliefs onto others. In fact, they have worked and fought to defend the rights of all others to believe and practice as they wish.

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What do Indian Sikhs believe?
Sikhism advocates equality, social justice, service to humanity, and tolerance for other religions. The essential message of Sikhism is spiritual devotion and reverence of God at all times while practicing the ideals of honesty, compassion, humility and generosity in everyday life.

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