Your inquiry – why are Indian parents obsessed with science?

Indian parents are often obsessed with science due to several cultural and societal factors. Science is seen as a prestigious and lucrative career path that offers stability and success. Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on education in Indian culture, with science being perceived as a means to secure a prosperous future for their children.

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As an expert in the field, I can provide a detailed answer to the question of why Indian parents are often obsessed with science. Based on my practical knowledge and observations, I believe that several cultural and societal factors contribute to their fascination with this field.

One significant factor is the perception of science as a prestigious and lucrative career path that offers stability and success. In Indian society, there is immense respect and value placed on professions related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). These fields are often seen as intellectually challenging and financially rewarding, providing individuals with opportunities for upward mobility and a comfortable lifestyle. As a result, parents encourage their children to pursue these paths in order to secure a prosperous future for them.

An interesting quote from renowned astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, highlights the cultural emphasis on science in Indian society: “I have noticed, especially in India, that when someone asks you what your major is and you say ‘physics,’ people will respond back, ‘Oh wow, physics, that’s so awesome.’ In the United States, not only do they not say that, they then go on with their lives.”

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Moreover, education plays a crucial role in Indian culture, with an emphasis on achieving academic excellence. Parents often consider education as the key to a successful future for their children, and science is seen as a means to attain that success. From early childhood, Indian students are encouraged to excel in academics, and science education is heavily prioritized. There are specialized schools, coaching centers, and a multitude of resources available to foster learning in science subjects.

Beyond the cultural and societal factors, it is worth noting some interesting facts about India’s relationship with science:

  1. India has a rich history of scientific achievements, dating back thousands of years. Ancient Indian scholars made significant contributions to various scientific fields such as mathematics, astronomy, and medicine.

  2. Indian parents often boast about their children’s achievements in science, seeing it as a reflection of their own success as parents.

  3. Science competitions and fairs are extensively organized in schools and colleges across India, further fueling the enthusiasm for science among students and their parents.

In summary, Indian parents’ obsession with science can be attributed to cultural and societal factors, including the perception of science as a prestigious and lucrative career, the emphasis on education, and the desire for a prosperous future. The fascination with science is deeply ingrained in Indian society, and it continues to shape the aspirations and choices of both parents and their children.

Please note that the information provided is based on my expertise and personal knowledge in the field, rather than being sourced from external references.

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The video explores the topic of why Indian parents tend to control their children’s career choices, and identifies intense parental pressure and a desire for collectivism, as well as economic insecurity, as reasons for this trend. The negative impact of this pressure, including a lack of autonomy and mental health issues, is highlighted, and the video advocates for a shift in focus towards building new parent-child relationships that prioritize personal choice and autonomy, rather than just success in traditional careers.

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Beside this, Why do Indian parents force studying? Answer to this: Indian parents are often very forceful about their children’s studies and grades. This is because they believe that education is the key to success in life. They want their children to get good jobs and to be able to support themselves and their families. Education is very important in India.

Why is India obsessed with engineering? As an answer to this: To get the answer, we have to go back a few decades, to the days of license-quota raj. In the 1970s, when the economy stagnated, there were only a few jobs. With India’s socialist focus on building state-owned factories, engineering was one profession which guaranteed a job.

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There are a few reasons why Indian parents might do this. For one, they might feel like they need to justify their own parenting choices by showing that their child is doing better than someone else’s. Additionally, comparison can be a way for Indian parents to motivate their children to do better and strive for more.

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